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From the office of Senator Lena A. Gonzalez

Be counted. Fill out your Census today!


Dear Neighbors,

Many of our residents across the district have been busy taking care of themselves and their families during this stay at home order.  Thank you for staying safe and continuing to shelter in place!

I am sending this e-mail as a reminder to complete the census, in case you were unable to send your Census 2020 form. Please do not miss the opportunity to help your community, complete your 2020 Census right now by visiting My2020Census.Gov and Be Counted.

Filling out the Census is now easier and more secure than ever! You can complete the census online, by phone or on paper/by mail.

Federal law protects everyone’s information regardless of immigration status, so there is no reason to fear filling out the census. To help spread the word about the 2020 Census, California is spearheading a strong campaign and many on the ground efforts to educate everyone about the importance of participation. If you would like to read more information about the census and how it works, please visit: CaliforniaCensus.org

The total number of people that are counted in the census determines the federal funding that your local government and schools will receive to pay for infrastructure, road improvements and educational programs. In other words, the amount of money the area you live in receives every year to pay for many of its services depends immensely on whether people complete their census. The census takes place only once every ten years and California’s congressional representation is also based on this once-a-decade headcount. Representation matters – and undercounting the number of people in our community could cost a congressional seat. Furthermore, with each uncounted person, California loses approximately $2,000 per year for the next 10 years and the money our community pays through taxes is re-directed to another state.

Unfortunately, undercounts are possible ? and have happened before. Many hard-to-count areas are right here in Senate District 33. Communities with large numbers of renters, young men, African-Americans and Latinos are at risk. This is partly due to fear of deportation, privacy concerns and lack of understanding about the process of filling out the Census.

Remember, by filling out the Census, you are helping to secure critical funding for social services in your community for the next decade!



State Senator, District 33